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Recommended Reading – April 2012 Edition

Zach McNair

A monthly roundup of excellent articles from ’round the web for your amusement/delight:

Tumblr Art Blogs to Follow – Art pics on the daily

What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Morality?

How Publishing and Reading Are Changing – from WNYC’s On the Media

Is Procreation Immoral? – Answer: (as always) it depends.

On Hyperaddictive “Stupid Games” – The enduring appeal of crappy games like Angry Birds, Farmville, Tiny Tower, and others from that cursed lot.

Point Differentials in NBA Games Are Better Indicators of Team Performance than Win-Loss Ratios – Boom.

On Kierkegaard and Anxiety – “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”

Have a great May!