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The Szpilman Award

The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded to works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time. The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose forms consist of ephemeral situations. Some highlights from this year’s award and past: C5 Casino: The group of artists C5 marks a roulette wheel on […]

Hammer Museum Website Redesign

The Hammer Museum website is a knockout that weaves together many threads of programming into a cohesive and compelling visitor experience.

SFMOMA Website Redesign

The San Francisco Museum of Modern art (SFMOMA) has redesigned their website,, after more than 8 years. The new site takes few risks, adhering to conservative and time-tested user interface and design standards. As a result, it’s a success – head and shoulders above most of the museum websites in its class.

Of course, it’s not perfect but first with the good and then with the bad:

New Work: Art From The Workers At The New Museum

Lynne Pidel, a gallery attendant at the New Museum has kindly organized a show of works by many of its employees.  There was no “curating” either artists or pieces.  The only criteria for inclusion was whether or not one worked at the NewMu.  Most of the artists are from Security or Visitor Services.  There are […]

Alexander Nehamas on Friendship

Unrelated to art but a very good (and short) interview with a philosopher on the meaning of friendship: Philosophy Bites: Alexander Nehamas on Friendship.

Adam Hayes

Adam Hayes, an artist from Newark, NJ (remember when it was the new Brooklyn?) is having a show at the gallery Number 35 in Manhattan. Sadly I can’t dig up much information (make a website for yourself, sir) but the press release suggests his drawings “feature a moment: hair blowing, the space between drapery, a […]

Event Scores Performance at Issue Project Room

There’s a performance of Fluxus event scores this coming Thursday, October 22, 2008 at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn.  I’ll be in the audience eagerly watching.  Join me, will you?  Info here: Issue Project Room 232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor Thursday, October 23 at 8:00 pm Fluxus scores interpreted by Bradley Eros, Lary 7 and […]

New Drawing

Perry Garvin, TUY754, 2008 Tape, graphite, and colored pencil on paper 11” x 8.5”

Built to Spill Live

This is quite off-topic but I can’t check my excitement with being able to see hi-def footage of the Built to Spill show I missed last month (due to FLUXCONCERT conflicts).  Fan-based audio and video recordings of live concerts (with full approval of the bands, mind you) has reached such a level of quality that […]

New Drawing

Perry Garvin, [Title TBD], 2008 Paper, tape, wood, graphite, colored pencil, headphone cable 11″ x 8.5″

Sales Underwhelm at Art Auctions

Tick…tick…tick…  The art world time bomb is about to blow up…  tick…tick…tick… From the New York Times: Sales Underwhelm at Art Auctions October 10, 1008 “Adding to speculation about how the worldwide economic downturn will affect next month’s big auctions in New York, two sales abroad drew disappointing numbers. On Tuesday an auction of Islamic […]

Francesco Longenecker

Francesco Longenecker is a young painter (b. 1981) in New York with a promising show of new paintings at Rare Gallery.  Here are some selections.  More here.

FLUXCONCERT 20080925-27 Video

Video of FLUXCONCERT 20080925-27: five overlapping performances in rumination on love, loss, and human bonding.

John Milton Ensor Parker

John Milton Ensor Parker is a painter working out of Brooklyn.  After investigating his very thorough (and well designed) website, I was only really taken with these pictures (above).

Elizabeth Peyton Minisite

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the minisite I designed and built to accompany the Elizabeth Peyton exhibition at the New Museum.  Features include an audio slideshow, interactive timeline of Peyton’s life and career, and an essay by the show’s organizer Laura Hoptman.  Special thanks to Amy Mackie and Nick Hasty.

Sarah Braman and Joel Shapiro

Lord knows I’m not a Joel Shapiro fan.  I find his post-minimalist sculptures downright offensive.  His anthropomorphized geometries appropriate the “look” of minimalism without retaining any of a good minimal sculpture’s finest attributes: aloofness, mystery, and ambiguity.  Shapiro’s sculptures are too immediately accessible, too easily read.  And all within the visual framework of a movement […]

FLUXCONCERT 20080925-27

This Friday and Saturday is FLUXCONCERT 20080925-27, an instruction-based performance that I wrote and directed.

Creative Cartographies

Check out a show full of smart-looking work curated by my friend Jeanne Gerrity: Creative Cartographies at Brooklyn Arts Council. From the release: “Influenced by the organization inherent in cartography, the twelve Brooklyn-based artists in BAC Gallery’s latest exhibition, Creative Cartographies, present viewpoints both personal and political, mapping their own thoughts, journeys, and observations. Collectively, […]

Sol LeWitt Painted Over at SFMOMA

The SFMOMA’s two massive Sol LeWitt atrium wall drawings – the last works still up from his retrospective in 2000 – are being painted over to make room for an upcoming Martin Puryear installation.

It doesn’t sadden me that they’re no longer on view. Because the instruction set is the kernel of the work and can lead to infinite authentic resurrections, the piece is simply in one less place. What’s more poignant to me is that after eight years the exhibition that changed the course of my personal, artistic, and professional life has finally concluded.

New Kristine Moran

Regular readers will know I’m simply mad about painter Kristine Moran.  Here’s a painting she made on view at a group show she is in at Anna Kustera Gallery.  Terrific, terrific.

Meet John McCracken

John McCracken will be talking and signing books at David Zwirner in New York at 11AM this Saturday, September 13.

Sol LeWitt at Mass MoCA

Mass MoCA has launched a minisite in advance of Sol LeWitt’s 25 year wall drawing retrospective opening there in November.  Don’t look too hard or it will give away the surprise!

An Artist’s Retinue

The history of art shouldn’t take such an artist-focused perspective. While it makes constructing a historical narrative easier (the “Great Man” theory of history), it overlooks the importance of the artist’s vast retinue of supporters that made his/her achievements even possible. For nearly every “important” artist there has been the supportive gallerist (Daniel Kahnweiler, Virginia […]

Panel Discussion with Seth Siegelaub, Robert Barry, and Lawrence Weiner

For those interested in 1960s Conceptual Art, I highly recommend listening to this panel discussion with Seth Siegelaub, Lawrence Weiner, and Robert Barry at MoMA in November 2007: Seth Siegelaub Panel at MoMA November 2007 They discuss how they met, their involvement in what we now call Conceptual Art, Siegelaub’s publications, and how the art […]

Wendingen: A Journal for the Arts, 1918-1932 | Peter Blum Gallery

Promising show coming up at Peter Blum: Wendingen: A Journal for the Arts, 1918-1932 | Peter Blum Gallery From their press release: “Wendingen, meaning turnings or upheavals in Dutch, was a monthly publication organized by the Amsterdam art society Architectura et Amicitia. The first issue was published in January 1918, with a limited edition of […]

More Sol LeWitts In Process

There’s a good set of photographs showing the installation progress of a number of Sol LeWitt’s currently in process at MassMOCA.  Very encouraging, all of this.  I can’t wait for the opening.

New Drawings

Some new drawings I’ve completed in the last month or so.


Some nice sculptures from Josh Callaghan based on charts and graphs.  All works from 2008. More here. Very Concerned, Somewhat concerned, Not at All Concerned, wood, paint, 4″x12″x50″ World Poulation, 0AD-Present, aluminum, enamel Global Tobacco Production, 1950-Present, steel, concrete

New Drawings

Some new drawings I made.  Just $100 each.  Priced to move! Perry Garvin, “HEB533″, 2008 Paper, tape 11″ x 8.5″ Perry Garvin, “LBD945″, 2008 Paper, tape 11″ x 8.5″ Perry Garvin, “HEB533″, 2008 Paper, tape 11″ x 8.5″ Perry Garvin, “BMD307″, 2008 Paper, tape 11″ x 8.5″

A Farewell

In memoriam to Grizzly Garvin (1988 – 2008) who died today at age 20.  Long will you be loved and remembered by our family for your generous licks, inquisitive animal nature, and courage of conviction.  Rest soundly, little kit.

More Peter Allen Hoffman

Diebenkorn Retrospective

Terrific news for those Diebenkorn fans out there: a retrospective of the Ocean Park series will be debuting at the Orange County Museum of Art in 2009. From their release: “Richard Diebenkorn: The Ocean Park Series, 1967 to 1985 Newport Beach Oct 11, 2009 – Mar 14, 2010 Richard Diebenkorn: The Ocean Park Series, 1967 […]

Diebenkorn of the Day

And while we’re on Diebenkorn, for those living in Northern California, be sure to check out a little show of his work at Stanford.

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing In Progress

a scribble M’s doing, originally uploaded by herm007. Nice Sol LeWitt wall drawing cooking along at MASS MoCA for their upcoming retrospective of Sol LeWitt wall drawings.

“Art” news

Why oh why is this “art” news?  Looks like the media still gets a cheap thrill out of tsk-tsking a sexually controversial woman.  Sigh. Controversial millionaire artist Tracey Emin reveals she is frightened of dying alone and childless | Mail Online.

The Kriegsmann Files

Some pretty amazing vintage publicity photographs found in an alleyway in Venice, California.  The photographer is James Kriegsmann, one of the most famous publicity photographers of the 20th century.  A lot of the pictures in this Flickr set are compelling not just because the subjects look so… well… unusual but because they are so earnest, […]

I Wish That I Could See You Soon

One big scoop of Van Morrison with a dash of Super XX Man and you get this very sweet (perhaps lost love) song: “I Wish That I Could See You Soon” by Herman Dune. Herman Dune – I Wish That I Could See You Soon

Holli Schorno

Holli Schorno is pretty terrific.

Andres Serrano Into Poo

The debacle that is Andres Serrano continues: “Andres Serrano’s upcoming fall exhibition is already making headlines, such as the New York Post’s “A Show to Hold Your Nose For.” Debuting at Yvon Lambert’s New York and Paris locations in early September, “Shit” features new large-scale color photographs of a variety of excrement, produced by animals […]

“After Nature” Minisite

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a minisite I designed for the New Museum exhibition, “After Nature.” Visit the minisite here.

Pterodactyl Walking

Ever wonder how a pterodactyl walked on the ground? Now you know.

Inadvertant Fluxpiece

There are times when one stumbles upon an inadvertant fluxus video.  This is one of those times: Thanks to David Rager for the tip.

Documentation of FLUXCONCERT 20080613

I started FLUXCONCERT in 2007 with the mission of presenting instruction-based performance work. We had our second official show on June 13, 2008: FLUXCONCERT 20080613, an instruction-based musical performance in 13 movements. If you didn’t get a chance to see the show you can now watch the full 40 minute piece or download the audio […]

Cubes and White

Now here are two shows with themes fiercely congruent with my sensibilities. A show about cubes. A show about white.

Peter Allen Hoffmann

Some fine landscapes by Peter Allen Hoffmann over at Freight and Volume.  Lots more pictures here.  Press release here.

Flux Concert in England

I’m pleased to see another group put on a Flux Concert.  This one was in England on June 27, 2008.  Differing from my group, FLUXCONCERT in America, their venue was a church and presented more of a performative installation than a straight ahead performance. Good photos but I wish they had video. More here


FLUX-FEST is in full swing across the sea in the UK. It’s celebrating the spirit of Fluxus, featuring rare films, publications, music, performances and Fluxus miscellany. Wish I could be there.  Check it out.

On Curatorial Laziness

“Second Stage” is a music show from National Public Radio with a mission that differs from its manifold peers: it only plays musicians not signed to record labels. Producer Robin Hilton scours CDs sent from musicians all around the country and podcasts a few selected tracks each day. It’s a rare opportunity to listen to […]

Alec Soth: Niagara

Buffalo, New York used to be a boom town.  The Erie Canal opened in 1825 connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic and Buffalo was one of its biggest beneficiaries.  Home to steel plants, grain mills, and railroad intersections, wealth boomed.  In 1900 it was the 8th largest city in the country. Now it’s 46th. […]

Note to Emerging Artists Who Want to Get Seen

An open letter to emerging artists on how to get seen.

Revolution #9 by Alarm Will Sound

Alarm Will Sound – one of New York’s leading new music ensembles – will be playing the Beatles’ Revolution #9 at the Bang on a Can Marathon this Saturday around 2AM at Winter Garden.

Douglas Witmer

Two sculptures by Douglas Witmer from his series “Fruitville.”  More at his website.


I founded FLUXCONCERT – an instruction-based performance ensemble – in late 2007. Our first show in March 2008, FLUXCONCERT 20080305 presented 26 historical Fluxus performance scripts written between 1961 and 1969 by major and minor Fluxus artists including Alison Knowles, Ken Friedman, Dick Higgins, Robert Bozzi, and George Brecht. I’m excited to announce our next […]

Kristine Moran

Kristine Moran, surfacing, 60″ X 54″ 2008. oil on panel. Kristine Moran, behind closed doors. 72″ X 66″ 2008. oil on wood panel. More at

Darina Karpov

More by Darina Karpov here

Inside the White Cube

In keeping with Brian O’Doherty’s recent burial of his alter ego Patrick Ireland, now’s as good a time as any to plug his (O’Doherty’s) series of essays compiled into the book, Inside the White Cube which presents an elegant examination of the contextualizing role of the museum and gallery in understanding art objects. Published in […]

Patrick Holderfield

Patrick Holderfield, Paris, 2007 More drawings by Patrick at James Harris Gallery, Project 4 Gallery, and Patrick’s website.

New Site Launched

The new has launched. The old site’s navigation structure was hard for some to figure out, the Futura theme was growing tiresome, and the art section’s slideshow couldn’t go full screen. Those issues have been addressed and a few more goodies have been peppered about. Take a look around.

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The Object in Transition (Conservation at the Getty) (tags: art conservation) Pointless punditry (why critics don’t matter, ch. 35) But the statistics that raised the most eyebrows had to do with “citations.” Does a mention by a critic or a selection by a museum curator make a difference in the sale price of an artwork […]

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